Galaxy One PTE. LTD

Posted : Tuesday, 16/08/2016 | 2 : 43 GMT +7

We help GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD become the travel company owning the beneficial and modern online airline booking system in the area.


With GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD, buying airline tickets online is really easy. Just a few clicks, you are designed and planned your journey.

Capturing the opportunity to travel around the world with good prices from GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD.

Owning an online airline booking service helps save optimally costs for travellers.


Today, purchasing airline tickets directly at agents or airlines waste customers a lot of time. This is inconvenient for the clients who live far away, don’t have time or means of transport. This time, the changes from customers such as date, time and destination will not be updated quickly and accurately.

Meanwhile, a tourism organization providing online airline booking system can hold tickets in advance for customers, the tickets’ status constantly updated on the system helps customers proactively check the availability of tickets to take more initiative in their trips.


With the knowledge of the tourism market, BIN HOLDINGS LTD conducted analysis, reviews, advice to give the tourism vision in the future. We helped GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD capture quickly the online purchasing trends and changes in new consumer trends required the enterprises have to adapt faster to develop.

Capturing the new needs of customers and consumer habits, we helped GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD own a website with modern system and integrate premium features of online airline booking system aimed at bringing the convenience and maximum cost saving for travelers. Booking online on the system of GALAXY ONE PTE. Ltd is fully automatic, the system will save and show the tickets according to the information that the clients fill in the website. This will fix some errors often seen as employees enter the wrong information when customers buy tickets directly.

We helped GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD set up the email management system, optimize keyword search to more easily in reaching existing customers and attracting potential customers.

With the advantages in the field of information technology, we offer GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD the online airline booking system which was integrated maximum utility. This helps customers check flight information and book flights and receive the successful confirmation email quickly and easily. The system will send the online tickets to the passengers via email. This time, the passengers don’t worry about forgetting or losing the tickets, they just read their name, the flight number code for the airline staffs to do the procedure. More benefits for the customers when all transactions are paid online by credit card, debit card, Paypal Gateway…


With the services provided by us, GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD today has made remarkable improvements in quality and expanding route network, especially it has upgraded to become the latest modern online airline booking system in the area. GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD has shown its sustainable development when becoming an online airline booking system with the size and character of the region and the world. This is the beginning of a comprehensive orientation program about the brand strategy of the GALAXY ONE PTE. LTD.