Asia Etravel Limited

Posted : Tuesday, 16/08/2016 | 2 : 44 GMT +7

BIN HOLDINGS LTD helps ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED become the perfect travel option.


ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED provides an excellent, utility travel service and save costs optimally such as visa support procedure, organizing tour package includes travel, transportation, accommodation of tourists. Besides, the consultant team of ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED is dedicated, professional to support solving completely customer's queries and problems.


Individual or collective always face unsolvable problems when making plans for the trips such as finding accommodation during the holidays, winter holidays for foreign travellers or other issues like airport shuttle, visa, booking flight...

  • How to develop a sustainable and in-depth travel agent which focuses on quality and efficiency?
  • What makes the difference in tourism services of ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED from other existing tourism services in the market?
  • Why chooses the tourism services of ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED ?
  • Is quality always the most important thing?
  • And how to own the customer’s data management system ?


We understand that any problems happening may affect to tourists’ mood and down their excitement on every journey of conquering the experiences.

Holding and updating new trends in tourism industry, BIN HOLDINGS LTD has provided workforce to help ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED integrate almost all travel-related services, solve customers’ queries and problems.

Besides, we have provided ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED professional and knowledgeable consultants who are always ready to support customers’ issues and requests. Moreover, ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED always cares and listens to customers’ feedback to improve the services aimed at welcoming the return of customers for experiencing the next journeys.


We have helped ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED succeed in offering perfect tourism services: Organizing tours until the present time, ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED has had a wide network linking with other networks in Asia which comes along with selling airlines tickets online services with the diverse range of charges to match the needs of customers.

Especially, we have helped ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED succeed in visa support procedure for tourists. With this service, ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED has been known by tons of customers and tourists because it’s more convenient, time - consuming than manual processing as traditional methods.

Tourists enjoy experiencing their tours, recording every memory moments in life though all tourism services that we have provided for ASIA ETRAVEL LIMITED.