Taking the competitive advantages in the services of consulting, offering solutions to develop the businesses comes along with experienced specialists in tourism industry, BIN HOLDINGS LTD provides strategies of developing tourism services for travel agents, helps the businesses take existing strengthens, get rid of barriers hindering the development of the tour. Since then the businesses increase operational efficiency and enhance the competitiveness.

We offer the strategies for search advertising and display advertising to reach potential customers wishing to book tours to Asian countries : Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, ….accompanying with construction of tourism infrastructure to increase the interface between enterprises and customers through intelligent, convenient, fast tour system for customers.

Besides, BIN HOLDINGS LTD also consults the enterprises about:

  • Strategies of short-term and long -term development through promoting the tours according to the time travel, stopping running the tours which are not potential to take advantage of seasonal travel...
  • Cooperating, linking with bigger travel agents to exploit these businesses’ resources to organize tours for your tourists.
  • Expanding affiliate network with travel agents in Asia area to take advantage of region to offer tourism and travel-related services for clients.
  • Cooperating with standard hotels to obtain cheaper room charges, reduce the shortage of rooms during peak season.
  • Consulting services to build attractive tour programs with the diverse range of wonderful destinations.
  • Designing promotion programs per month, year for loyal customers.
  • Solutions for cost and performance management through cutting unnecessary resources to reduce the depreciation cost.
  • Human resources who are well trained, experienced, responsive and flexible in tourism industry with the ability of well consulting and persuading tourists.

BIN HOLDINGS LTD always makes every effort to bring the enterprises value services aimed at bringing tourists the different and multi-style experiences on every journey.