Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting our website. The instructions below will help you understand better the privacy policy of BIN HOLDINGS LTD

This privacy policy explains the way how BIN HOLDINGS LTD (mentioned in this provision is "BIN HOLDINGS LTD", "we") collects, stores and processes the information or your personal data through the website. When using our website, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions as detailed in this policy.

We respect and are firmly committed to protect personal information that you have provided us through this website and also committed to make every effort and use appropriate measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. However, we can not guarantee to prevent all unauthorized access in the case beyond our control. In those cases, we will not be responsible for any claim, dispute or damage arising from or related to the unauthorized access.

We may collect personal information that you actively provide us or send through the website or the information that we have from your email replies. In case, we receive your information from a third party, we will try to contact you immediately to confirm your information provided under your supervision and agreement.

We use those information to ensure that you can use our website effectively and ensure that you receive relevant information, support services if required and notice of the changes of the services which you are using. So in case you are no longer using the contact information provided, you must notify us of the changes. BIN HOLDINGS LTD will take the initiative or follow your request to supplement, edit, delete the personal data is incorrect, incomplete or not updated when you are still linked with the activities of BIN HOLDINGS LTD

We may provide your information to a third-party in case the third-party is a affiliated company with BIN HOLDINGS LTD with the purpose of handling information on behalf of us or receiving specific requests from you or from the National competent authorities with the aim of ensuring safety, security and other purposes as prescribed by law.

We reserve the right to modify and supplement this privacy policy at any time and for any reason. Any changes will be updated on the website and sent email to you.

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