Working environment


BIN HOLDINGS LTD. focuses on developing infrastructure, building modern and friendly working environment. BIN HOLDINGS LTD. provides the equipment to meet the working demands of each department’s staffs, creates the environment that helps employees develop their best.


Respect for the innovation, activeness and creativity

  • BIN HOLDINGS LTD. respects the innovation, activeness and professional at work.
  • BIN HOLDINGS LTD. respects the ideas, initiatives.
  • BIN HOLDINGS LTD. with a young, passionate, enthusiastic workforce.

Team spirit

We are a solid team made up of individuals who are excellent and passionate at work.


BIN HOLDINGS LTD. BIN HOLDINGS LTD. will provide all employees with an ideal working environment that maximizes their abilities to achieve the highest efficiency in their work.

BIN HOLDINGS LTD. with young, dynamic, creative, sociable people, creating an open, friendly working atmosphere that can help the employees maximize their ability and team spirit.

Joining BIN HOLDINGS LTD., the candidates will have opportunities to:

  • Work in the environment where the culture is built on the unified platform to promote the solidarity, and friendliness.
  • Receive the income that is equivalent to the contribution.
  • Show off themselves, being active at work.
  • Each individual has duties and responsibilities corresponding to their position; proactively resolve all issues in related jurisdiction.
  • Be promoted to higher positions.